Greetings everyone, my name is Elsie and I’m the owner of this joint. I’m talking about this website, in case you’re think what the heck I’m talking about. Toys Speak is a place where I’m going to cover everything related to toys. My full-time job is being a mom to three small children. There are piles upon piles of toys laying around the house. I have to say that I enjoy playing with them as much as the kids, so I decided to start this website, to share with the world my vast experience when it comes to toys.

Ever since I was a little kid I liked toys. Back then selection of toys wasn’t as big as it is today. When I say back then, I’m talking about the 70s. I don’t want to you to think that I’m 50 years old, although I’m not that far off, my gosh, how time flies.

Back then all I had was a doll house with a couple of dolls. I remember there was a doll that had one of its legs missing. Selection of toys nowadays is seemingly without end. I’m talking about actual, physical toys only. I’m not including things like gaming apps, tablets, smartphones, etc. I try to keep my kids off of those things for as long as I can, as they seem to be very alienating.

As I started having kids I fell in love with toys all over again. It was as if I was reliving my childhood, only better. With modern toys kids can have fun, they can learn, exercise and what’s more important, they can entertain themselves and give mommy a few hours of peace and quite, :). I’m joking, I love my kids, but there are times when I’m really glad that they have such a large selection of toys. Sometimes they can be a handful. No one is happier than me when they pick up their electric skateboards under $500¬†and go out to skateboard for hours. It’s really addictive, I admit!

My plans for this website is to write about toys interesting toys that catch my attention. Sometimes my kids come across an interesting toy, usually by watching YouTube videos. It is then added to the wishlist, until I look into whether or not it’s possible for us to buy said toy. There are other slightly more important items that we have to spend our monthly budget on, like food. I know, who would have thought that a family of 5 has to eat.

Latest toy that was added to the wishlist by my middle son Adam is an all terrain electric skateboard. He found it by watching YouTube, the video that I linked above to be more specific. Now I’m not sure if we can buy something like this right away, since I’m still looking for one that fits our budget. There is also the question of how safe would it be to let a 12 year old ride on one of these things. Safety is an even bigger issue than price for me when it comes to toys. There have been plenty of situations where I I’ve vetoed a cheap toy, just because I did feel entirely sure it was safe for the kids. Oh how many tears were shed that day, but when I say no I mean no.

I’m personally a huge fan of educational children toys. By playing with them kids have fun, and at the same time they learn. My youngest is now 5 and I find myself quite often browsing the STEM toys section of Toys’R’Us in search of toys that would make my little guy an engineer. Now that I’m hearing myself, I realize that I sound like one of those parents that lives through their children. I swear it’s not like that, my kids are crazy about these toys.

Quite recently we bought this little thing, a Code-a-Pillar. It’s a caterpillar shaped toy that’s made up of segments. Caterpillar moves, but it moves in different directions each time that you arrange the segments in a different way. It probably sounds boring reading about it, but it’s really fun when you play in person. Also it’s worth to point out that this toy is for ages 5-7, so it won’t impress adults.

These are the type of toys that I’m going to be talking about on this website. I have kids of all ages, so we’ll be talking about a very wide range of toys. It’s also not just the educational ones, all sorts of toys are going to be covered. My husband is really into toys that involve physical activity, so we have plenty of those too.

I’ll try to write on a regular basis but being a mother of three is very time consuming, so I’m not making any promises. I’ll mostly cover toy reviews, like I already mentioned, but from time to time I will also talk about something funny that happed around the house, life lessons, about being a mother in these modern times, etc.

Contact page has a form where you can send me a message if you have any kind of questions, or if you have toy suggestions. Questions can also be asked underneath each article I post, as a comment. On an end note, I would just like to thank you for coming to my website and I hope that you found something useful here. To stay updated about the new articles that I post, make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed, in order to get notifications in your email. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you again. Cheers.